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Day 6 – Cass Lake, MN

My body was allowed to sleep until it was finished this morning – so it was almost 7. It’s a bit murky looking out there and it is time to let myself enjoy this morning here. I’m in a cabin … Continue reading

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Bemidji, Minnesota, is the “first city on the Mississippi”. It seems to be filled with fresh-faced, bright-eyed, friendly people. It’s a fairly good barometer of a place when the vast majority of its citizens from kids to oldsters look you … Continue reading

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Spirit of the River

Hi! I’ll try to catch us up! It’s clear it will take me a bit to find my groove, let all the amazing things happen and still write about it. But I promise to do my best!  I moved on … Continue reading

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Blessing of the Journey

It was hard saying goodbye to my sweet husband, but I look forward to his visit downriver. I put 848 miles behind me just to begin this journey, most of them Interstate – mile after mile of homogenized America where … Continue reading

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Warm Hearts and Cold Watermelon

I leave soon, heading for the birthplace of the Mississippi River. Day 1 of the 90-day adventure will be Tuesday, the 24th. Months of preparations are now down to the last details. There has been so much support, love and … Continue reading

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The Legend of Helena

The previous post about a foggy sunrise in Helena, Arkansas, brought to mind the rest of that visit… Helena has seen some tough times. The downtown streets were deathly quiet and many of the buildings boarded up. Although I’m told … Continue reading

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9 Days and Counting…

With just 9 days until our little imaginary raindrop begins its odyssey, preparations are coming along well. If you are just joining us, I am sharing some moments from previous trips along the Great River Road to get us all … Continue reading

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Cairo – A Different Perspective

Cairo, IL – pronounced not like the city in Egypt but more like KAY-RO It’s an area perched on the invisible boundary between North and South. The states of Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas are all within 100 miles of … Continue reading

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Like many, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as the Mississippi Great River Road until about six years ago when my husband and I came upon a section of it in Wisconsin. I was hooked – instantly … Continue reading

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Mississippi River at Davenport, IA Could you use a road trip? Well, hop in! I’m Gayle Harper, a travel photographer and writer working on a book about life along the Mississippi Great River Road. Click on the page About the … Continue reading

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