The 90th Sunrise

This morning I drove to the levee above Venice, Louisiana, where the road ends and the Mississippi River branches out like the roots of a great tree, dissolving itself into the Gulf of Mexico. I walked to the top with my coffee and camera and watched the sun rise on the 90th day of this journey.   My heart nearly burst with the gratitude I felt.

The last days of this journey have carried me like a leaf in the current, gathering experiences and emotions, building to this moment on this levee – watching the river and the moment come and go, holding on to nothing. The days since my last post could only be lived; there was no time at all to write about them. I promise to tell you all of it, but right now it’s time to go home.

In the morning, I will touch “Home” on my GPS and let it take me there in time for Thanksgiving. Be just a little patient with me, please, and I’ll be back to finish the tale!

For now, thank you, each and every one of you.  Sharing this experience with you has made it richer and more beautiful than it ever could have been without you.

With love and gratitude,       Gayle

About Gayle Harper

Travel Photographer and Writer
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18 Responses to The 90th Sunrise

  1. Jaretta says:

    Safe travels home. It will be good to have you home.

  2. Frances Spedding says:

    And you have made our lives richer. I have a folder full of the Great River Road Trip into which I cam delve when I have the urge to “get away” for an hour or two.

    Thank you, thank you for an extra, added attraction to that wonderful experience of Alaska.

  3. Congratulations, Gayle, on accomplishing your goal. I’ve enjoyed the journey. I’ll admit that it has gone as quickly as someone else’s pregnancy! Safe travels.

  4. Gerry Toler says:


    It was a g reat trip. Thanks. Safe trip home.


  5. Pat says:

    I’ll bet this has gone a lot faster for us than for you and Mike! Thanks for sharing your beautiful images and words and wishes for a safe journey home.

  6. Vickey Henson says:

    I can’t imagine the emotions that are welling up inside of you right now. Knowing your journey is over and then the anticipation of going home to your husband, your home , and you very own bed. Thank you for the ride. It’s been a great one! Safe travels home little raindrop.


  7. Jim W. Johnson says:


    Whether or not you find the time to finish your book, I know you have delighted so many of us with your wonderful company, gorgeous pictures, introduction to so many good folks, and briefs while following that raindrop down the Mississippi. Look forward to the book and hope to sat and chat again somewhere along the way.

    Best to you and Mike,


  8. Kim Schwane says:

    Thank you for sharing such an incredible journey Gayle! Kim

  9. Norb & Ann says:

    Oh my gosh, what a beautiful image for the culmination of a journey – body and soul. Norb & I look forward to reading the entire journal as soon as we wind up our ride. We just arrived in California and plan to be home 12/3. We can see your heartwarming smile from here but look forward to seeing it in person. Team Bagley

  10. Gayle, I bet you sure could use another massage about now! What a fasinating journey! Stop by any time! Thanks for including my business in your blog. You sure have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season!


    Tammy Pidgeon, LMT
    Massage Cool la Vie

  11. Marilyn Chana says:

    Thank you for allowing all of us to travel along with you on this trip. What an amazing journey! I am going to miss reading your posts. I have learned so much and have enjoyed the many wonderul pictures you’ve taken along the way. Again, many thanks to you. Have a safe trip home and a blessed Thanksgiving!

  12. Stephen Marshall says:


    Thank for the journey I can’t wait to read the book or see the DVD. May you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

    Stephen Marshall

  13. It has been wonderful to journey with you.



  14. Joan Francois says:

    And it was equally interesting to read and follow your journey! Thanks for sharing your experiences and yourself with all of us.

  15. Karen Parry says:

    Dear Gayle
    You have enriched the lives of those you met along your journey, as well as those of us who read your words and experienced your photos. What a special journey you have taken. I love it that we could share it with you…a rare blessing of technology!
    God speed and happy days to you.

  16. Joseph Francois says:

    Congratulations and happy Thanksgiving!
    Cannot wait to read the rest of the story!

  17. alejandra says:

    We are gonna miss you!!! I´ve saved your posts in my pc, so I´ll re read it and make this experience last a little bit more. I hope I have the chance to make this trip myself, your notes will be really helpful and it will be great to visit places I feel I´ve ever been to, through your words and pictures. Congratulations!!!! And thank you

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