Images From the 2011 Mississippi River Flood

Just a few hours ago, I returned from visiting the flooded area of southeast Missouri where the Bird’s Point Levee was breached on May 3rd. Even after touring the area by plane for an entire morning and by boat for an entire afternoon, it is still difficult to comprehend the magnitude of the event that continues to unfold as I write this.

I have many photos of the nearly unrecognizable Mississippi River at the confluence with the equally distorted Ohio River, and the vast expanses of submerged land that, until a few weeks ago, held homes, crops and livelihoods. Even after seeing all this with my own eyes, it isn’t until you look into the eyes of the people and listen to their stories that the true magnitude of it all begins to register.

I want to share their faces and voices with you here. As soon as possible, I will post again to let you see and hear them.

For now, here is one view from the air and another from the boat. 

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3 Responses to Images From the 2011 Mississippi River Flood

  1. Pat Owens says:

    How sad and scary….

  2. Awesome power of the river. So sad for the people affected.

  3. Stephen says:

    May God give those whose lives have been turned upside down the strength to endure and the hope that the future will bring them abundant blessings.

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