Hello friends!!

Whohooo! I have now finished the writing and photo editing for the book about the 90-day road trip! If you’ve been with me since the start, you know that I was following the entire course of the Mississippi River from the headwaters in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico – and you know that it was 90-days because that’s how long it takes a single drop of water to make that journey. So, I followed my imaginary raindrop, nicknamed Serendipity, and met more amazing people and had more once-in-a-lifetime experiences that I could ever have hoped for. In case you are just now joining us – and want to see the blog version of the trip, it is still available. Here is a link to the start of it

So, for many months this blog has been silent as all of my energy went into writing the book and editing the thousands of photos – and now it is done!!! Interestingly, people have said things like, “It took tremendous discipline to stay with it as you have.” Thankfully, it didn’t. I’ve never been especially good at making myself do things because I thought I should. This was always what I wanted to be doing – and, to my surprise, it was nearly (but not quite) as much fun as was the traveling!

Now, the tale is told in a series of vignettes. Each one is like a short story, complete with its photos, and each is unique in its mood, personality and focus. I never knew where it would go when I began – some are about a person I met, or an experience, or some unique bit of history or something that was stirred in me by any of those things. They are as free-flowing as the journey itself.

So what next, you ask? Good question! For the writing to be truly alive, it meant that my attention needed to stay fully on the day being written about and not gawking around or looking ahead. The result of that is that, right now, I feel like a little gopher just sticking my head up from my hole and looking around at an entirely unfamiliar landscape. Although, at the moment, I haven’t a clue which way to head first, I do know, happily, that whatever my next step is will be made clear when it’s time to take it. I feel incredibly fortunate that there are some good options before me in terms of publishing and, because there is so much that I don’t know at this point, I will try to learn before I leap.

Now that I am open to them, it seems that ideas and possibilities are blossoming like the spring and it’s pretty exhilarating! There are a gazillion decisions to be made and steps to be taken before there is an actual book in anyone’s hands, but for now I want to share this news of our progress. I will keep you informed of the process and I may ask for your input on a few decisions as we go. This project has, from the beginning, been a shared experience and as always, I thank you for being part of it!

For now, this is, I believe, the image that will appear on the cover.

With love,  Gayle and Serendipity





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13 Responses to NEWS!!!

  1. Judy Spearn says:

    Gayle, I was so happy when I stumbled on your written journey. From what I remember of you and your family I thought to myself yes this is you and such a great reminder of the love I have had for your wonderful caring family. You have done an unbelievable, amazing,beautiful i guess words can’t express job. I will be looking forward to having several copies of your book when it is published.

  2. Karen Parry says:

    Dear Gayle – What a beautiful image for your cover! Congratulations on your completion of the writing and choosing of images. Thank you, too, for allowing us to participate with you on your journey. I am excited to hear more about your future adventures with your book. You are such an inspiration to me!

  3. Stephen Marshall says:

    Gayle ~ I can’t wait until your book comes to realization not only to read your story but to see your incredible photography too.

    All the best,


  4. Mz Vic says:

    Whew! So excited to hear all of your hard work is finally coming to an end. I can hardly wait to have a copy of your book in my hands. I so admire you & our friends Jim & Pat for your accomplishments. I hope you’ve been able to follow them in their travels on The Big Loop. This is the only way I will be able to make these kinds of journeys, vicariously through both of you & what a trip it’s been. Thank you!

  5. Julie says:

    Gayle, I am so glad for your progress. Your subject was beautiful but you as an individual soul are also so beautiful and discerning that the book is bound to be a wonderful experience.


  6. Maggie Castrey says:

    Congratulations, Gayle. You flow through your journeys with such grace. I appreciate your example. xo Maggie

  7. Gayle Harper says:

    Thanks!! If I get to feeling overwhelmed at any point, I know where to come for encouragement! xoxo

  8. Gayle, Woohooo is right! So glad you’re finished with all of the hard work. I can’t wait to read the actual book and look at all of the beautiful pictures. I enjoyed reading each and every post so I know I will love the book. Of course, I love the picture you chose for the cover! If you will recall, this is the picture I chose to hang in our living room and I absolutely love it and I think of you often.

  9. Nancy Pfennig says:

    What a FANTASTIC accomplishment. Can’t wait to buy the book and get it signed by YOU!!

    Dennis thinks you should take a trip to Viet Nam. We are planning on going next year maybe. What a time that will be.

    Love YOU Nancy

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