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Judy with the Golden Throat: Roadtripping With a Raindrop Moment #2

Bulbous, heavy clouds split wide open yesterday, just after I climbed down from Randy Rivere’s tractor and left his sugar cane field. (ah, but that’s a story I’ll save for another day…) In the 24 hours since then, it has … Continue reading

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Hazel With the Green Shoes: Roadtripping With A Raindrop Moment #1

Note: This is the first installment of the Series “Roadtripping With a Raindrop,” highlighting moments from my travels along the Mississippi River, right through the heart of America. Many of these are from the “raindrop journey,” a 90-day road trip … Continue reading

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Roadtripping With a Raindrop

An email came in a few days ago from Gary Lindberg. No bells were rung at first by his name, but he reminded me that we had met beneath the 3rd Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis while I was on my … Continue reading

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In the midst of all the memories that have crumbled and faded with the years, a few stand like crystals, perfectly preserved and shining like the moment they were created. One of mine is the first time I saw the … Continue reading

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Today’s headlines are filled with stories of floodwaters inundating homes and businesses near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, of evacuations, sandbagging, lock closings and barge traffic halted due to high water and debris. More rain is predicted … Continue reading

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