It’s Live!

The Kickstarter campaign is live and running!

I met a ranch manager once on rolling hills above the Mississippi River near Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. When he offered to take me to see a herd of bison, I climbed into his truck. On the way, we passed through another enclosure where this young stallion was kept. When the horse saw us, he exploded into dazzling action. He raced circles around us, hooves thundering, nostrils flaring, bucking and kicking. I was spinning in circles, too – shooting like crazy and laughing with the thrill of it all. This was the only successful shot I got.

8T1301 Young horse running near Ste. Genevieve, MO

That horse was running like that simply because he could – because he was brimming with the joy of life.

For me, the adventure of following a raindrop named Serendipity has always felt a little like that. I never know what might be coming, but I take the next step for the pure joy of it. And many of you have been right beside me the whole way.

This has always been a shared experience. From the moment that I learned a raindrop falling into the headwaters will travel the Mississippi River for 90 days to reach the Gulf of Mexico, things have unfolded magically because people have wanted to be part of it. Some offered lodging, some opened their hearts and shared their lives and their stories as I was traveling and some, like many of you, have been right beside me the whole way by following this blog. In fact, although it was only promoted by word of mouth, the blog had nearly 20,000 views during the 90 days of the journey.

Now, the stories are written and the photos are edited and the book, “Surrendering to Serendipity” is ready for layout, design and printing! It will be a beautiful book, filled with full-color photos, but to bring it into reality, I need your help with this Kickstarter campaign.

The minimum pledge is just $1 and every dollar does matter. Kickstarter campaigns are all-or-nothing so there must be enough pledges to meet the goal of $16,000 or the project is not funded at all. Please click this link

and participate however you can. You can also search on for “Surrendering to Serendipity” and find it that way.

For this campaign to succeed, lots of people need to hear about it. So please click the links below and share it on Facebook, Twitter, wherever you can – and help to spread the word!

Thank you, friends!

Love, Gayle

About Gayle Harper

Travel Photographer and Writer
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2 Responses to It’s Live!

  1. The Rider says:

    I wish I could ride him… beautiful horse! I love your photo!

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