Hi! Looking for a little Roadtripping with a Raindrop? Grab your road snacks and let’s go!  You can start with Moment #1 or pick one and hop around!

#1 – Hazel With the Green Shoes   …a little red-haired charmer keeps me company at the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market

#2 – Judy With the Golden Throat …she makes me laugh till I cry and then sings into my recorder in a voice that breaks my heart

#3 – Pat With the Hoodoo Eyes  …a bluesman I met in a small town in Mississippi touches my heart and send me off with a little Hoodoo magic

#4 – The Storm …prime seating for a bodacious thunderstorm!

#5 – The Birthday Surprise  that I would help a Dominican Sister celebrate her birthday beside a cemetery was as much a surprise to me as to her

#6 – The Interlude …Serendipity nudges me to a place that becomes a rare opportunity to board a cargo ship from Myanmar

#7 – High On St. Louis …two surprising chances to see the city from very high places

#8 – Sauerkraut and Innocence …sweet innocence, smelly sauerkraut and warm hearts at an Oktoberfest

#9 – Tsunami on the Mississippi River? …paddling in a sea kayak in the mile-wide Mississippi

#10 – Sleeping in Opulence  …seriously?? The Master Suite in a 64-room mansion??

#11 – A Little Cotton Pickin’ Lesson  …I follow a cotton-loaded semi like a duck behind its momma to learn its destiny

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